Scholarships and Prizes

Students at SALA can access financial assistance and support from a variety of sources. Scholarships and awards are merit-based and may include entrance scholarships, Graduate Support Initiative Awards, graduate and departmental awards and scholarships, and external awards. Entrance awards are allocated without application from students. 

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The University of British Columbia offers several fellowships and scholarships to Canadain Aboriginal graduate students. Award winners are selected on the basis of academic merit through an annual competition. The Faculty of Graduate Studies administers the awards in consultation with the First Nations House of Learning. The awards range in value from approximately $5,000 to $10,000.

Abraham Rogatnick Book Prize

A book prize to recognize Professor Rogatnick's contribution to the School of Architecture. The award is made to a student graduating from the Master of Architecture program for a project that most exhibits creative, poetic talent in a design which, if carried out, would most enrich the environment and inspire the spiritual lives of the people using that environment.

AIA Alaska Scholarship

Scholarships are available through AIA Alaska for Alaska residents currently enrolled in an accredited School of Architecture. To be eligible, students must be a permanent resident of the State of Alaska and be enrolled in a master's program in Architecture prior to May 30 of the current calendar year. The scholarship will be awarded based on overall ability, desire, determination, and potential for successfully completing their architectural education and entering into Architecture as a profession. Deadline is September 30 of each calendar year. Contact the AIA Alaska office for further information at

Scholarships are available through AIA West Virginia for permanent residents of the State of West Virigina who are enrolled in a Master of Architecture program prior to May 30. Application deadline is May 30 of each calendar year.

Alpha Rho Chi Medal

A medal awarded to the graduating student in Architecture who has shown an ability for leadership, performed willing service for his or her School, and demonstrates promise of professional merit through his/her attitude and personality. 

American Institute of Architects Henry Adams Medal

A medal is made available by the American Institute of Architects to an outstanding student in the graduating class in each architecture program accredited by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board in Canada and the National Architectural Accrediting Board in the United States. 

Each year ASLA hosts an awards competition for professional and student awards. A number of student awards are made possible in the categories of research, community service, and student collaboration.