Linda Brock
Linda Brock
Contact Information
  • BA
  • MArch
  • MDesS
Area of Expertise
  • Materials and Construction
  • Sustainable Design
Types of Courses
  • Technical and Material Systems

Linda Brock is a registered architect in the State of Washington (AIBC retired) with experience in the building envelope, masonry forensics, and affordable, energy-efficient housing for which she has won several awards. Her research focuses on building envelope systems, prefabrication and globalization of building components, indigenous and historical use of building materials, cultural components of housing, and the global marketing of light wood frame housing. Her findings have been presented at international conferences.

She is author of Designing the Exterior Wall: An Architectural Guide to the Vertical Envelope (Wiley 2005). Directed at professionals who want to marry their aesthetic intentions with a cost-effective, functional, and durable wall, the book details a variety of cladding types over different structural frames for the climates of Canada and the United States. Case studies explore “pushing the envelope” with examples of the extraordinary enclosure and the commonplace—the successful and the unsuccessful. Other work includes an Annotated Bibliography of the Building Envelope completed for the BC HPO, which includes over 170 reference materials concerning the design, construction, and maintenance of the building envelope. Her interest in housing draws from her extensive background in light wood framing and research on a northern Japanese housing corporation that combines a philosophical ethic of sustainability with the construction of a house. Linda co-chaired the 2002 ACSA Technology Conference with the theme Technology and Housing. She was one of 15 researchers from around the world invited to a symposium in Santiago, Chile, to discuss the feasibility of light-wood framing in Chile in response to the countries nine different climate zones.