Fast + Epp

With over 60 national and international awards to its 27-year-old name, Vancouver-based structural design firm Fast + Epp has established a reputation for developing innovative solutions that address complex design challenges, creating sustainable, economical, and unique architecture.

The firm has been involved with numerous high-profile public and private projects since its inception in 1985 – from elegant transit stations and pedestrian bridges to aesthetically-striking educational and recreational facilities – all attesting to the passion for ingenious yet practical design and meticulous attention to detail.

Having taken a particular interest in timber, Fast + Epp has become somewhat synonymous with creative exposed wood and timber-steel hybrid structures. The firm’s ability to view the design process as a holistic endeavour – and incorporate mechanical, electrical, and acoustical systems into the overall structure – has enhanced its ability to work on integrated design teams with some of Canada’s leading architects.

The Vancouver office currently employs 33 people, including 20 engineers, six of whom have post-graduate degrees and two with LEED® AP designation.