Landscape Architecture

The UBC Master of Landscape Architecture Program is noted for a deep commitment to long-term health and functioning of landscapes ranging from the natural to highly urban. We are dedicated to providing an outstanding and distinctive professional education that will prepare graduates to be designers of beautiful and sustainable landscapes.

In our courses and studios we emphasize inquiry into the phenomena and processes that shape natural and cultural landscapes and enable designers to be agents of change; values around a personal aesthetic, a sense of public responsibility and both environmental and professional ethics; and skills, developing the technical, communication, cognitive and analytical decision-making skills necessary to practice landscape architecture.

Our faculty have a broad range of interests, yet share deeply rooted environmental and social values. We intentionally engage the public realm in this unique British Columbia environment across scales from urban squares to watersheds. In our work and teaching we support and thrive on this region’s commitment to quality design and sustainability. Through research, practice and professional education, the faculty and students frequently use the local and regional landscape as a laboratory for inquiries about ecosystem health, sustainability and exemplary landscape design.

We are a small, collaborative and congenial landscape architecture community situated in a larger school with the undergraduate environmental design program, and the graduate architecture and urban design programs (starting fall 2014). Our School is situated in the Faculty of Applied Science with many engineering specializations and our sister School of Community and Regional Planning. We encourage our students to reach beyond the core professional education to explore related disciplines such as architecture and planning, as well as to establish unique knowledge areas, which may cross disciplinary boundaries.

We take pride in our excellent relationships with the local professional community, many of whom are mentors to our students and regularly serve as adjunct instructors, lecturers and studio critics. Many of our students complete internships in professional offices while students in our program, enabling them to establish professional connections and develop applied landscape architecture experience.

Cynthia Girling
Chair, Landscape Architecture